Friday, November 23, 2018 2:35:00 PM
Promotion of Virtue, Prevention of Vice Religious Duty: Khadra

Lebanese cleric Sami Khadra has stressed that the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice is a religious duty.

Speaking on Al-Kawthar program “Problems and Solutions”, Sami Khadra said one of the greatest religious duties is the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice.

He quoted scholars as saying that  the promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice is a duty and one of the reasons the Islamic community is the best one, citing a part of a Quranic verse that says " You are the best community that ever emerged for humanity: you advocate what is moral, and forbid what is immoral".

The cleric said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that a time will come when some people promote vice and prevent virtue.

Khadra noted that nowadays there are people who are not promoting virtue and even preventing virtue, adding some people stop those who call for what Islam calls for.

He added that there are people who can't stand the prevention of vice, saying the weird thing is that there are categories of people who are promoting vice and are being encouraged.

Khadra said the promotion of virtue begins with being sure of God's decree and being confident of what you are calling for.

He noted that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) referred to that person who doesn't prevent vice as a weak person.

Referring to how to promote virtue, the cleric said the person has to discipline himself, promote virtue among his family, do social activities and work, noting that the deeds of the person could be a call for virtue and what is moral.

The cleric also stressed that the person should not stay silent in the face of vice and has to select the good way to prevent it.

The cleric noted that most of those who are reluctant to promote virtue and prevent vice are afraid for their interests and livelihoods and their lives, stressing that that the age and livelihood are predetermined by Allah and there is no need to be afraid.


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