Monday, November 19, 2018 8:26:56 PM
Tehran, Moscow Exchanging over 50 Students Annually

Tehran and Moscow are exchanging at least 50 students with each other in official languages and that number is on the rise, Head of the Persian Language Training Department of Moscow State University said.

'There are 20 Persian language training centers in Russia, each of which receives an average of 10 students every year,' Vladimir Ivanov said in an interview with the Islamic Republic of News Agency (IRNA).

The Russian orientalogist added that the students receive training courses at universities in Iran, especially in Tehran and Alame Tabatabee universities after learning in Russia where Iranian and Russian teachers are teaching.

After receiving training courses in Persian language in Russia and Iran, they study literature, economics, history and especially policy, as well as with Iran's literary glories like Hafiz, Saadi and so on, he continued.

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