Friday, November 16, 2018 7:53:56 AM
Imam Hussein (PBUH) Unites People

Islamic scholar Adel al-Hakim from Iraq has stressed that Imam Hussein (PBUH) unites people as he called for concepts such as: righteous and justice, which are accepted by all people.

Speaking on Al-Kawthar program "One Nation", the cleric said one of the characteristics of Imam Hussein (PBUH) is the Imamate, a fundamental belief in the Shia Islam.

He added that Imam Hussein (PBUH) stood against the tyrant and introduced himself in Karbala as an Islamic, legitimate ruler after Imam Hassan (PBUH) and to govern the nation according to what Allah wants.

Hakim noted that Imam Hussein's (PBUH) call for the righteous and his opposition to the corrupt group which was taking over the reins of power back then were among those features which distinguish him and unite the people behind him.

The cleric said Imam Hussein (PBUH) raised general issues which are accepted by all Islamic sects as well as people from all religions as the religions call for the righteous, justice, honesty, handling power to the good ruler and preferring the public interest to the private one.

He added that Imam Hussein (PBUH) provided a solution to problems facing people now and faced by them in the past which is handling power to the best, the connoisseur, the brave and the righteous, noting that in the era of Imam Hussein (PBUH) the ruler was neither connoisseur nor righteous.

Hakim stressed that the concepts Imam Hussein (PBUH) raised are accepted by all people that's why he unites hearts.

He reiterated that Imam Hussein (PBUH) was honest in raising those issues and was not like those who repeat such concepts for their own interests, adding that Imam Hussein (PBUH) risked his life in the pursuit of those ideas.

Hakim added that Imam Hussein (PBUH) unite us as Muslims as a divine leader.

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