Thursday, November 8, 2018 5:00:25 PM
How Generous was Imam Hassan (AS)?

It is narrated that one day Imam Hassan (AS) saw a group of needy people who had put a few loaves of dry bread on the floor and were eating it.

When they saw Imam (AS), invited him to eat with them. Imam Hassan (AS) got off his horse and said: God does not like the arrogant, and sat with them to eat, and then invited the entire group to go to his house. Imam Hassan (AS) prepared a feast for them and gave them excellent food to eat and gave them each new clothing to wear [1]. In another narration it is reported during his life time, Imam Hassan (AS) twice divided all of his wealth in half; half for himself and the other half were given to the needy people in the way of Allah (SWT) [2].

[1] Jala’ul Oyoun, Sheikh Majlesi (RA), Page 241.

[2] Alahayat, Translation by A. Aram, Vol. 3, Page 299.

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