Sunday, June 2, 2019 11:42:40 AM
That’s Why Muslims are Keen to Commemorate Arbaeen Pilgrimage

From all over the world, Arab and foreign Hussainian service volunteer groups have entered the holy city of Kerbela to offer free services to the Arba’een pilgrims.

Hasan ElMujteba Hussainian service volunteer group manager Dheya EdDehhan from Stockholm, Sweden, said, “As an Iraqi group of people living in Stockholm, we started this Hussainian volunteer group in 2004, and we come to Kerbela on the 10th of Safar month (according to the Islamic calendar) of every year to commemorate the Arba’een pilgrimage and offer Arba’een pilgrims free services, such as food, water, and guidance.”

He also said that their group is comprised of Muslims of different religious denominations, noting that the Muslim followers of the Ahlul-Bayet (Peace Be Upon Them) in Sweden are keen on taking part in such religious observances to commemorate the Arba’een pilgrimage, for commemorating it is deemed one of the significant traits of a true Muslim believer. In addition – he added – commemorating the Arba’een pilgrimage invigorates Kerbela and the Day of Ashura and helps instill them in Muslim children’s minds.

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