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How Should Children be Educated?

One day a group of children were playing and the prophet of Islam (PBUH) who was passing that area saw them and wanted to remind the adults who were with him about their role in educating the children.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: Woe to children of the end of the time and their fathers. The people around the Prophet (PBUH) started thinking about what he said. They asked the Prophet (PBUH): O’ messenger of Allah (SWT), do you mean the children of disbelievers? The Prophet (PBUH) replied: No, I am talking about Muslim fathers who do not teach religious duties to their children, and if children learn some of them, their fathers prevent them to do so. The people present were surprised and the Prophet (PBUH) continued: Those fathers are only satisfied when their children attain wealth; and I detest such fathers and they also detest me [1].

[1] Mostadrakul Wasa’el, Vol. 2, Page 625.

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