Sunday, October 7, 2018 10:41:55 AM
Hamas: No Calm on Border without Ending Siege

Member of Hamas’s political bureau Khalil al-Hayya has affirmed that the March of Return and anti-siege rallies in Gaza will continue and escalate until all goals are achieved.

“We will remain steadfast and persistent until the Palestinian people return to their homes and the blockade imposed on them is lifted,” Hayya said in press remarks to the Palestinian Information Center (PIC).

“The voice of the [Palestinian] people is louder than the voice of terrorism and the occupation leaders. We are seeing tens of thousands marching to the border and their message is clear that they are fearless, unbreakable, unbeatable and determined to obtain their freedom,” the Hamas official emphasized, addressing Israeli leaders.

He said that Israel’s cold-blooded killing of children, women and men participating in the March of Return rallies “is evidence of its bankruptcy, frustration and failure to confront such peaceful popular marches.”

Commenting on recent Israeli threats against Hamas and the participants in the border rallies, Hayya asserted that Israel’s threats “can never intimidate or frighten the Palestinian people and will not stop them from extracting their rights or dissuade them from continuing their struggle and resistance.”

“The occupation’s threats are empty and not new and we are not afraid of them. They have tried us and we tried them. In all the confrontations we had with them, we were able to defend our people,” he said.  

“Lift the siege on the Palestinian people and give them their rights in order to have clam in the area, and without that, there would be no calm in the area or on the border,” he underlined.

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