Thursday, October 4, 2018 2:52:34 PM

To express their support from Palestinian children and teenagers, pilgrims and people of Mashhad got together at Razavi Holy Shrine’s Quds Courtyard concurrent with the day of solidarity with Palestinian children and teenagers on 9th of Mehr/ 1st of October.

1st of October has been appointed in the Iranian calendar as the day of solidarity and sympathy with Palestinian children and teenagers. This day has been announced with the suggestion of defending population of Palestinian nation as a symbol of solidarity and sympathy between Iranian students and Palestinian children and teenagers. 

On such a day in 2000, Mohammad al-Doreh, twelve year old Palestinian teenager, who was hiding himself back of his father was shot by the Zionist army and became martyred. 

The image of martyrdom of Mohammad al-Doreh was shown for several times by many world televisions and it resulted to the disgrace of the occupying regime and its supporters in the world. 

On this very occasion, Astan Quds Razavi’s office of responding religious questions provisioned a special program with the title of “Gathering of Solidarity with Palestinian Children and Teenagers”. This program was held today at 4 p.m. and it was participated by both Razavi pilgrims and people of Mashhad particularly adolescents at Quds Courtyard of the Razavi Holy Shrine". 

Some panegyrists had their epic poem readings in this program. In continuation of this gathering, Ali Komeili, a member in central council of international union of one Ummah, Ahmad Soqr, Basij representative of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and Hamid Nours, representative of Palestinian young activists had their short speeches. 

Noting that problem of Israel is the problem of all liberation seekers of the world, Ali Komeili stated, "All revolutionary Iranian teenager and young people have to be proud of their glory and authority because we have been able to resist against the western arrogance and not to withdraw before them". 

He went on to say, "The enemy had over fifty years of thinking and spending to occupy Palestine; we also have to have correct programming and deep thought to fight the arrogance and to awaken the world people for this fight". 

Pointing to the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1357/1979, member of the central council in international union of one Ummah said, "Iran and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the only supporter of Israel in the region before the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Following Mohammad Reza, some other Arab countries started to support Israel; Imam Khomeini (R.A.), however, raised the flag of fighting Israel firmly and strongly as soon as he entered into the country". 

He reiterated, "Revolutionary endeavor and activity alongside with resistance is required to annihilate Israel". 

It is worth mentioning that statement of the gathering was recited at the end of this program and all the participants confirmed its contents by chanting death to America and death to Israel slogans. 

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