Monday, October 1, 2018 8:20:24 AM
Abdulsalam: UAE Admits to Greater Operations As Aggression Continues

The Head of the National Negotiating Delegation in Yemen, Mohamed Abdulsalam said on Sunday that the UAE will not be able to continue to deny the strikes of the Yemeni Air Force and that it will be forced to admit to greater operations that will continue as long as the aggression and the siege on Yemen continue.

Abdulsalam said in a tweet on Twitter: the Air Force excute the second offensive operation within a month on Dubai International Airport by drones, Sammad 3.

He added that "despite the concealment of the UAE authorities and their denial, of the confusion in the air traffic at their airports, they will be forced to admit to more significant operations that will target them, one day, as long as the aggression and the siege on the Yemeni People continued."

Yemeni Air Force and the Popular Committees on Sunday targets Abu Dhabi International Airport by drones, Sammad3.
This is the second time that Dubai, the economic capital of the UAE, has been targeted in response to its main participation in the aggression and siege on Yemen and the continuation of hundreds of crimes against civilians for nearly four years.

On August 27, the Air Force launched several air raids on Dubai International Airport and carried out a series of raids on Abu Dhabi International Airport by drones, Sammad3 on 26 July.

The UAE is trying to cover up its confusion at airports and losses from Yemeni air strikes, but the collapse of stocks and the fall in real estate prices, which have lost more than 25 percent of their value, according to economic reports, indicate the extent of damage that this economy, which relies on tourism and foreign workers .

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