Monday, October 1, 2018 8:06:36 AM
US Threatens Russia,Iran with Naval Blockade

US Secretary of State, Ryan Zincke, said his country is capable of imposing a naval blockade on Russia if necessary to prevent it from taking control of energy supplies in the Middle East.

"We have the possibility, thanks to our naval forces, to ensure that the sea lanes remain open, or to close them if necessary to prevent Russian energy supplies from being diverted,"

Zinki said at a ceremony sponsored by the Energy Consumers Union in the western city of Pittsburgh on Saturday, Markets ".

"The sale of energy products is the only source of income for the Russian economy," he said, adding that Russia was pursuing an active policy in the Middle East in an attempt to control the oil and gas trade in the region, as it does in Eastern Europe.

Zincki claimed that the situation of Iran is very similar to the situation of Russia, and there are two options to solve the Iranian problem.

"There is a military option, not a better option, and there is an economic option. It is to exert pressure and divert Russian energy products from the market, and we are able to do so because the United States is the largest oil and gas producer," he said.

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