Sunday, September 30, 2018 11:52:51 AM
We Support Political Solution in Yemen: Iraq FM

Iraq's Foreign Minister, Ibrahim A-Jaafari, confirmed that Baghdad supports for a political solution in Yemen, calling for a halt to all military actions.

 Jaafari said in a speech during a session of the United Nations General Assembly that the solution in Yemen comes through the cessation of foreign interventions and support for peaceful dialogue between the Yemeni parties.

Jaafari condemned on Friday statements by the head of the Zionist government, who threatened to target Iraq militarily because of the presence of "Iranian military bases" in it, saying "we refuse to use the General Assembly platform to threaten our security."

In the context of renewed, Ibrahim Al-Jaafari on the consistent position of the Palestinian issue and the Zionist enemy to withdraw from the occupied Arab and Palestinian territories and the establishment of a Palestinian state on its territory with Jerusalem as its capital, condemning the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

On the other hand, Jaafari renewed his country's categorical rejection of the presence of Turkish troops in Baishika and the continuing violations of Iraqi sovereignty, calling for the cessation of these abuses and violations and stop it.

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