Sunday, September 23, 2018 7:24:39 PM
Ahvaz Attack Shows Terrorism is Epidemic

Lebanese President Michel Aoun in a message to his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani condemned Ahvaz terror attack, and said the deadly strike proved that terrorism is an epidemic.

Michel Aoun noted that Lebanon also suffers from terrorism and has paid a heavy price for it.

He also said religion has nothing to do with terrorism.

Lebanese President offered condolences to President Rouhani and the Iranian people, and sympathized with them.

Earlier, the Lebanese Foreign Ministry and some groups, including Hezbollah slammed Ahvaz terror attack in different statements.

Four gunmen, who had disguised as military officers, affiliated with the separatist group 'Al-Ahwaz' attacked a military parade early on Saturday and opened fire at civilians, the military and the security forces.

The attack left 29 people dead and injured 70 others.

The civilians bore the brunt of the attack. A four-year-old boy who was watching the military parade is among the dead.

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