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Characteristics of Imam Al-Hussain (P)

The Supreme Religious Authority has shown that the Ashura scene is a repeated scene, and there is now who represent the supporters of the killing of Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him), among which characteristics; is not to hear the advice of the good adviser.

These were the important points stated in the second sermon of the Friday prayer of the Friday 11th of Muharram 1440 AH corresponding to September 12, 2018, which was led by his eminence Sayed Ahmad al-Safi, in which he stated:

Brothers and sisters, in order to complete the idea of the first sermon, I will talk about the characteristics of those who fought the Master of the martyrs (peace be upon him), inspired from the Hadith: “Know the truth, and you shall know its people!”

As if you do not know the truth and the right you will have doubts, and you will seek to know the truth through men, which is a great disaster as the narration of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) states: “He who takes his faith from the mouth of men, men will make him slip (from the truth), but he who takes his faith from the Book and Tradition will never slip though mountains may slip (from their positions).”

We all know that the Ashura scene is a scene is a repeated one, in every time, there is those who represent the approach of Al-Hussain and those who represent the approach of his enemies, the first ones have characteristics such as the clear truth and its knowledge, courage, and loyalty, while the characteristics of the other one are known by everyone, and include not listening to the advice of the good adviser at all times, whether fourteen centuries ago or in these days.

Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) on the day of Ashura, has spoken more than once with his enemies, to introduce himself, so all of them know who he was, and then he asked them for the reason that made them come to kill him, as he did not kill any of them so they would want to take his revenge, nor he did a harm to the religion. He reminded them that there is no other grandson of Prophet on earth apart from him, stating that he is the son of Fatima and his grandfather is the Messenger of Allah! What was their answer? Some of them replied: We have no problem with you, we came to fight you because we hate your father! Indeed, they hate the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him) because he was the man of right, truth, and justice. What they hated is the Haq [the truth] embodied by the Imam (peace be upon him). He tried to give them advice, but they didn’t want to hear it!

Brethren, do not think that this issue is only related to history, but it exists in all times. There are people who do not want to hear the advice; they are grown up with empty minds and weak understanding. And then we feel it when we read that before the martyrdom of Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him), his enemies were saying: “Burn the houses of the oppressors.” This is a shallow level of understanding. While some of them knew who Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) was, but worldly pleasures and the love of power blinded them and they only sought the blood of al-Hussayn.

The Hadith says: “The love of Dunya is the head of every sin.” And this what made them thirsty for the blood of the purest of human and his family and companions, they even threw an arrow to kill an infant! The enemy of Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him0 were not brave, as they only could kill the Imam and his companions by conspiracy and breaching battle’s ethics. It is stated in history books that when the Imam (peace be upon him) was running towards them they run away like scattered locusts.

Cowardness, love of Dunya and personal profits, not listening to the advice, and being proud of the sin made them being cursed in this world and in the hereafter. The curse is a Quranic term that is present in all the Ziyarat texts and many speeches and sermons of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them_.

The Ashura scene is a great and very clear lesson for all of us; Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) has tried all the means to advise his enemies, but they did not listen to his advice and then they did gain neither their worldly goals nor the immortality. Their lives ended in a miserable way with the curses of the history on them, while the sun of the Imam has been eternally shining since, and the believers are blessed to revive this great matter by the special rituals not only to remember Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) but to revive the good in our hearts and to remind our souls that the worldly pleasures are vanishing while the good morals, values and ethics are everlasting.

We ask the Almighty to give us the success to be inspired from the blessings of the Master of Martyrs (peace be upon him) under his eternal care, praying that on the Day of Resurrection, The Almighty will accept the intercession of Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) for us. And, the latest of our prayers is; praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and Prayers and Allah’s Peace be upon Mohammad and his pure and immaculate Household.

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