Tuesday, September 18, 2018 12:41:23 PM
Islam Does Not Permit Attacking Non-Muslims

Muhammad Qasir, a professor at Qom Seminary (hawza), has stressed that Islam does not permit attacking non-Muslims.

Speaking on Al-Kawthar program “Islamic Fiqh”, Muhammad Qasir said Islam calls for dialogue among religions; a dialogue between a human being and fellow human beings.

Islam was not spread by the killing and the sword, the cleric emphasized, noting that the so-called Fighting Verses of Quran are defensive verses.

He added that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never launched a military attack and all the operations he conducted back then were defensive.

Qasir also cited a part of a verse in the Holy Quran that says “And fulfill (every) covenant. Verily! the covenant, will be questioned about” as an evidence that proves that Christians and other non-Muslims live in peace among Muslims.

He said Muslims are living with Christians and non-Muslims in Islamic nations where they honor the covenant and pledge to live together in peace and security as the non-Muslim has rights and duties and the Muslim has rights and duties as well.

He added that if a non-Muslim was the neighbor of a Muslim person, then the Muslim has to honor the rights of his neighbor and to honor the covenant.

The cleric also wondered how the Takfiris kill their neighbors, violating the instructions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

He concluded saying that it is not permitted to attack non-Muslims.

He cited the Islamic Republic of Iran as an example of peaceful coexistence among people of different faiths.

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