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Hadiths of Imam Hssayn(AS) / Blessings of Allah

Ḥusayn ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib (Arabic: الحسين ابن علي ابن أبي طالب‎‎; 10 October 625 – 10 October 680) , was a grandson of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad (PBUH), and son of Imam Ali (the first Shia Imam) and Prophet Muhammad's daughter, Fatimah. He is an important figure in Islam as he was a member of the Bayṫ (Arabic: بَـيـت‎, Household) of Prophet Muhammad and the Ahl al-Kisā' (Arabic: أَهـل الـكِـسَـاء‎, People of the Cloak), as well as the third Shia Imam.

The fact that people need you is one of the blessings of Allah upon you. Therefore, do not feel any grievance about it

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