Tuesday, September 11, 2018 9:01:09 PM
Iran, Iraq Need to Sign Mou on Observing Moharram Rituals

Head of Arba'een Central Headquarters pointed to Arba'eean Memorandum of Understanding between the Iranian and Iraqi Interior ministers, and emphasized on the efforts of the 13 Committees of headquarters to properly implement its provisions.

The 10th meeting of the Central Headquarters of Arbaeen was chaired by Hussein Zolfaghari with the presence of the heads of the 13 Committees and members of the Central Headquarters at the Ministry of Interior.

Zolfaghari, pointed to the signing of the Arba'een memorandum by the Iranian and Iraqi ministers and the efforts of the Arba'een Central Headquarters to reach this agreement between the two countries.

He underlined the efforts of the 13 committees to better implement the provisions of the memorandum.

In the following, secretary of the Arba'een Central Headquarters Shahriar Heydari, also noted the signing of the Arba'een Memorandum last week with the presence of Iran's Minister of Interior in Iraq, saying, 'The memorandum has nine chapters with 71 paragraphs, and all the points made by the executive and the central headquarters Arba'een was included in this memorandum.'

Heydari added that four meetings of the Arb'eean Central Headquarters have also been held in the presence of the Iraqi ambassador to Tehran. Also, the plans and performance of the provinces have been examined and all provincial councils and committees are active.

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