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All Muslims Agree on Essentials of Islam: Sheikh Rajeh

Syrian Professor Sheikh Abd al-Salam Rajeh says that all Muslims agree on the essentials of Islam, reiterating his call on Muslims to unify.

Speaking on Al-Kawthar program “One Nation”, Sheikh Rajeh quoted Imam Hussein (PBUH) as saying “I’m not rising [against Yazid] as an insolent, or an arrogant or a mischief monger or as a tyrant. I have risen [against him] as I seek to reform the ummah [community] of my grandfather [Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)].”

The cleric noted that such TV programs and seminars are aimed to help the Muslim Ummah (community) to achieve unity, and wondered that “If we all [Muslims] acknowledge that we follow one Quran and one prophet”, then on what basis we disagree?.

Sheikh Rajeh stressed that as all Muslims agree on the essentials then disagreeing on the details and particles was never to let the nation deviate from unity.

He said that the enemy has always regarded the Muslim nation as “indivisible” then Muslims should not achieve the desires of that enemy who has always been keen on “disintegrating this nation” and has always tried to create sectarian strife.

The cleric stressed that “the Islamic unity is a desired hope”, noting that wishes only are not enough and the TV programs and conferences that call for Islamic unity like those held in Iran are helpful and contribute to achieving unity.

Sheikh Rajeh had called on Muslims to respect the particularity of each Islamic sect and to remain vigilant against the enemy’s plots which aimed to destroy the nation.

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