Wednesday, August 15, 2018 3:19:29 AM
Yemenis Continue Protest against US-Saudi Crime in Saada

Popular crowds, continued organizing several protests in Ibb, Sa'ada, Thamar, Hajjah, Hodaidah, Al-Mahwit and Sanaa governorates, condemning the US-Saudi aggression crime that targeted a school bus carrying children in Saada.

The protests were attended by school children in some governorates and local and community leaders in others, participants considered this crime against the children of Sa'ada, and all crimes committed by the aggression against children in Yemen as war crimes that aggression should be asked about.

The protesters condemned the continuing crimes against Yemen's children, women and elderly in a war of genocide waged by the brutal aggression against the Yemeni people, for over three years, under international silence. Confirming that the crimes of aggression will not discourage students from continuing education.

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