Tuesday, August 14, 2018 12:57:53 AM
Palestinian Resistance Will Reciprocate Against Any Israeli Attack

The Palestinian resistance will not give up “bombs for bombs” and “blood for blood” in its dealing with Israel, Al-Quds Brigades said yesterday.

Speaking to Saraya website, Abu-Mohammed, one of Al-Quds Brigades’ leaders, said that the Palestinian resistance movements adopted this equation through a joint operation room, stressing that the Palestinian resistance has the right to respond to any Israeli attacks on Palestinian people.

“The Palestinian resistance will not let it [the occupation] dare to attack and kill unarmed Palestinians without accountability.”

He stated that the attacks of the Palestinian resistance, which retaliated to the Israeli attacks and killings of the Palestinians, proved that the Israeli occupation institutions are “fragile in spite of the technological development.”

Abu-Mohammed warned the Israeli occupation of carrying out any attacks against Palestinians and not to test the resistance’s patience “because Palestinian blood is a red line and the Palestinian resistance will not remain silent.”

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