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Kaffārah of Fast

To Break One's Fast by a Ḥarām Act A person who breaks his fast by a ḥarām act should fast for sixty days or feed sixty poor persons. It is a mustaḥabb caution to do both.

Kaffārah of Breaking Fast on Purpose in Ramadan
A person, who misses or breaks his fast knowingly and intentionally during the month of Ramadan, should keep 60 fasts (whose 1st 31 days should be consecutive) or feed 60 needy people.

Not Being Able to Pay Kaffārah of Intentional Fast Breaking
A person, who is to observe kaffārah but is not able to observe any option, should feed poor person(s) as much as possible and, by caution, to ask Allah for forgiveness. If he cannot do that at all, it suffices to ask Allah for forgiveness from the bottom of his heart. 

To Become Able to Observe Kaffārah
A person was not able to observe kaffārah and only asked Allah for forgiveness. Even if he becomes able to observe it later, it is not necessary to observe kaffārah, although it is a mustaḥabb caution.
To Pay Kaffārah of Fast Breaking to a Sayyid
There is no problem in giving kaffārah of fast to a sayyid, but it is better (mustaḥabb caution) not to give it to him.

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