Wednesday, November 28, 2018 7:36:38 PM
Only Islam Can Help All the Human Being in the World

In the sideline of the 32nd International Islamic Unity Conference in Iran, Tehran, Jurgen Grassmann, the German peace activist and Chairman of Quds Arbeitsgroup in Berlin had an Interview with Shafaqna, saying that as Imam Khomeini said we should accept all of the Islamic schools.

“It is very important to come together and fight against the enemies, that is way the conference is so important,” Grassmann, who was attended to the conference, stressed.

“Palestinian people need how to be resisted against their enemies, theoretically they went succeed but in practice they didn’t because they don’t have leader,” he said, referring to the Palestine issue.

He said all the Muslims should learn from Islamic revolution of Iran.

“Only Islam can help all the human being in the world and ‘Velayat’ is a key,” he added.

He praised Supreme leader of Iran and stated that “other countries should take him as a leader, not just the religious leaders but the political leaders and people should understand this.”

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