Tuesday, November 20, 2018 4:45:56 PM
Winners of Morocco Int’l Quran Contest Awarded

In a ceremony held in Rabat, Morocco, on Monday night, winners of the country’s 14th international Quran competition were awarded.

According to ar.hibapress.com website, Morocco’s King Mohammed VI was present at the ceremony, held at the city’s Hissan Mosque.

Sonia Bilatel from Algeria and Khalid Riyadh from Morocco were the top winners in the two main categories.

The nine members of the competition’s panel of judges were also honored at the ceremony.

The 14th edition of the international Quran contest, known as King Mohammed VI Quran Award, was held on November 7-8 in Casablanca.

Quran memorizers and reciters from African, Asian, and European countries took part in the Quranic event.

The country’s Awqaf ministry annually organizes the contest.

Morocco is a Muslim-majority country in North Africa. Nearly 99 percent of the people in the Arab country adhere to Islam.

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