Sunday, November 18, 2018 10:23:33 PM
Imam Hussain’s Been Wronged Twice, Malicious Media Distorts Islam

The head of the International Organization for Global Security, Rebee’ ElEdreesey, warned against anonymous sides attempting to distort the image of Islam by all means.

In an interview published in Imam Hussain Shrine Magazine, ElEdreesey said, “It’s important to confront such attacks by conducting various programs to which remarkable figures and organizations are invited.”

“What the malicious media has disseminated about Iraq and Shia Muslims has created misconceptions to some peoples,” said further ElEdreesey.

He noted that it is crucial to let the world know about, what he described as, “The light of Imam Hussain” and disseminate his humanitarian principles through various activities.

ElEdreesi – former advisor at Amnesty International – mentioned that Imam Hussain has been wronged twice: in Taf battle and when his revolution has not been disseminated to let the world know how he struggled, changed the course of history, and gained victory against injustice.

He also noted that, “If we compare the principles of Imam Hussain’s revolution with the principles of tolerance, we will find that the principles of his revolution occupy the highest position, for Imam Hussain stood up to whoever tried to distort the image of religion, justice, and tolerance.”

ElEdreesi concluded, “Extremism and terrorism are a phase of violence, which must be countered with the peaceful tools,” criticizing the absence of the Arab humanitarian organizations in terms of combating extremism and calling for peace, noting that it is important to get to know peace advocates in other religious denominations all over the world, for they are the most effective means to confront extremism, instilling the sense of peaceful co-existence in people, and respecting one another regardless of color; race; or nationality.

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