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Martyrdom Anniversary of  Imam Hassan Al-Askari…Who Is Imam Al-Askari?

He was called 'al-Askari' in connection with the district of Askar in the city of Samarra' in which he (the Imam) and his father...

Imam Hasan al-Askari (A.S.) The Eleventh Holy Imam

Name: Hasan

Title: Al-Askari

Kunyat: Abu Muhammad

Born: at Medina on Monday, 8th Rabi-ul-Aakhir 232 A.H.

Father's name: Imam Ali un-Naqi al-Hadi(A.S.)

Mother's Name: Saleel

Martyred: at the age of 28 years at Samarra (Iraq), on Friday, 8th Rabi-ul-Awwal 260 A.H.

poisoned by Mo'tamad, the Abbasid caliph.

Buried: at Samarra(Iraq).

Imam Hassan al-Askari was born in Madina,on 8th day of the month of Rabi' Thani, in the year 232 A.H. He was called 'al-Askari' in connection with the district of Askar in the city of Samarra' in which he (the Imam) and his father, Imam Ali un-Naqi al-Hadi (A.S.) were imprisoned by the Abbasid caliphs.

The holy Imam(A.S.) was born and brought up under the care of his father, Imam Ali al-Hadi (A.S.), who was well-known for his divinely inspired knowledge, holy striving (Jihad) and good acts and from him he learned the best of morals, the abundance of knowledge, the spirit of belief and the good merits of Ahlul-Bayt (A.S.).

Indeed, he (the Holy Imam) (A.S..) accompanied his holy father and lived with him more than twenty three years, during which time he comprehended the sciences of the descendants of Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) and learned the inheritance of the divine leadership. He looked like his fathers in the fields of knowledge, good deeds, jihad, and calling to reform in the community of his holy grandfather,Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.).

Various narrations are given concerning the leadership of Imam al-Askari (A.S.) and the isuue of his leadership appeared during the period of his holy father, Imam Ali al-Hadi (A.S.).

Sheikh Mufid narrated the following:

"On the authority of Abu Bakr Fahfaki, who said: 'Abul-Hasan (al-Hadi), peace be on him, wrote me (i.e. Abu Bakr Fahfaki): 'Abu Muhammad, my son, is the soundest of the family of Muhammad(S.A.W.) in excellence and the firmest of them in proof. He is the eldest of my (surviving) sons. He is the successor. To him, end, the bonds of leadership (Imamate) and our laws. Whatever you used to ask me about ask him. With him, you find what you are in need of."

After his reverend father, the Holy Imam (A.S.) undertook the task of leadership "Imamtate'. His succession lasted about six years, and, in which, he practised different kinds of political and scholarly responsibilities as his divinely appointed forefathers accurately and efficiently did.


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