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 Tehran Navigation Guides

With a population of around eight million, Tehran is considered as one of the world's megacities. There are also many who commute to the city every day for work or study, generating heavy traffic. To get around this crowded city faster, you can use public transport—whether the metro, bus, cab, or ride-hailing apps like Snapp or Tap30.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Bus Rapid Transit system or rapid buses has a network of 10 lines which run 24/7. To use BRT, you need to get an e-ticket from special booths usually found next to the stations. Depending on the route, BRT fares vary from 5000 rials to 10,000 during the day, with an extra 50% for rides after 10 pm.


Due to heavy traffic, the best means of public transportation in Tehran is the metro. Tehran metro consists of seven lines, with one line having an extension which runs all the way down to Imam Khomeini International Airport in the south of the city. The metro starts at 05h00 and stops at 10h30. Detailed information about the lines and stations has been printed on Tehran maps and can also be found in all the metro stations and cars. Students receive a 50% discount as a means of improving group transport. It should be noted that all metro cars and buses are air-conditioned.

Ride-Hailing Apps Snapp and Tap30

Snapp and Tap30 are apps developed for smart phones which allow you to hail a cab on-line. An advantage of these apps is that you can hail a cab in English, something very useful for tourists. In addition, if you are a woman who wants to travel around the city at any time of day and night with peace of mind, the apps offer a special service with female drivers for women. The cost of trips on Snapp or Tap30 is much cheaper than getting a cab. These apps run 24/7.

Waze and Google Maps Apps

All you need is a smart phone connected to the Net. Waze is the most popular navigation app, enabling its user to get around heavy traffic. Many citizens use this free app in Tehran.

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