Friday, November 9, 2018 7:21:03 PM
Shiites are Interested in Peace and Liberty

A member of the British Parliament said Shiites are interested in Peace and Liberty, and they are kind to even their enemies.

According to almaalomah , Maurice Claasman, a Labour peer in Britain’s House of Lords said  Shiites are into Peace and Liberty.

He stressed that Yazid who turned off the water source to Imam Hussein (as), is the embodiment of personal interests and Ruthless power.

He added that the Imam Ali (as) and his Ahlul Bayt behaved with Muawiyah and his troops with social justice. So it leads shiites to behave with other people with social justice.

Mr. Glasman arrived in Karbala on Oct. 28 for Arbaeen day accompanied with a media group after walking several days from Najaf.

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