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Nardun Stew - A Pleasant Experience in Iranian Cuisine

The people of northern Iran are known for their palatable cuisine and have also registered a number of these in Iran as a national heritage. Nardun stew is one of these appetizing dishes made with pomegranates, and thus associated with the Yalda winter solstice by many Iranians.

Ingredients (serves 3)

1 Large onion

2 Cloves of garlic

½ Cup of pomegranate seeds

2 tbsp of pomegranate paste

1 ½ cup of pomegranate juice

3 Chicken drumsticks (approx 600g)

Salt, pepper, turmeric, and olive oil to taste


Wash and drain the chicken drumsticks. Marinate with salt, pepper, turmeric, and some olive oil. Other spices are optional. Keep refrigerated for a couple of hours. Take out and half-fry in oil first. Use the same oil to caramelize the onion before adding the garlic.

When the garlic is slightly golden, add the pomegranate paste. This will be the main flavor of your dish.

Then, add the fresh pomegranate juice and cover the pan. Allow the mixture to come to the boil before adding the fried drumsticks.

The color of the stew turns to a dark brown as it cooks. Turn down the heat and allow the drumsticks to cook through and the oil to surface. Add the pomegranate seeds in the last fifteen minutes. Do not replace the lid after adding the seeds as these will lose their color and turn white. At the end of the cooking time, you can add other optional ingredients to the dish, such as dried plums, verjuice, or the juice of sour oranges.

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