Friday, October 12, 2018 11:39:05 AM
Chinese Markets Waiting for Iranian Pistachios

Pistachio is known as Iran’s green gold. Alongside oil, carpets, and caviar, it is one of the country’s most important exports, always ranking first to second on global markets.

Iran and the US have the pistachio monopoly in the world and have produced 70-80 percent of the world’s pistachios over the past decade.

Richard Matoian, Executive Director of the American Pistachio Growers, believes that Iran holds the upper hand in transport and can surely control the market.

But the winter frost seriously damaged the harvest in Kerman this year, destroying 96 percent of it in Kerman and Rafsanjan. It is predicted that this will reduce exports from Iran by up to 80 percent.

Pistachio grown in Ghom Province has been spared, though, and is ready to be exported globally.

China is the biggest customer of Iranian and American pistachios. But given the tensions these days between China and the United States over tariffs on imports of goods and produce, Iran's pistachios can boom in this market.

The International Import Expo (CIIE) exhibition is scheduled to take place in Shanghai, China next month and the presence of Iranian pistachio grwers here is a good opportunity for the Iranian green gold to capture the Chinese market.

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