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How to Overcome Fear, Sadness and Depression

Turning on the TV and just watching a few minutes of the Local, National or World News, can put us in a state of fear, sadness, and/or even depression.

We may say to ourselves, “This is terrible! How could people be so evil and wicked? Why is this happening? Why is there so much corruption and violence? What in the world is going on?” Well, God wants us to know that, as these events unravel, the Power of Prayer can reveal a godly outcome!

     I can recall watching the News, one day, and I found myself asking those same questions. I then felt a strong urge from God to pray. I didn’t have all the details of those situations, but I knew that God is an all Knowing and Powerful God. So, I began to pray earnestly. As each day passed, I continued to thank God for the victory regarding what I prayed for… And God answered my prayers! A kidnapped child was found and safely returned back home. Thieves were caught and the victim “goods’ were recovered. There are so many examples of the Power of Prayer and God wants to use us, to make many more examples, to be victorious!

     God told me that when I see or hear about anything that is not of Him, to immediately begin to pray! Our prayers are so far reaching. We can actually stop a crime or a negative outcome, before it even comes to fruition. When I’m at the gas station, pumping gas, I’m softly praying. When I driving in my car, I’m praying. We can pray anywhere and anytime. God will intervene when we ask Him to.

     God wants us to know that when we ask Him, to move on the Earth, He will do it, but WE MUST ASK! He can’t do anything unless we ask/pray. Be it about our own personal situation and circumstances or problems in the world, He needs us to do our part and Pray! He knows there’s Dynamic Workings going on, with the Power of Prayer. He wants us to experience that same Dynamic Power, as we make prayer, a daily part of our lives.

     How do we pray? We pray the Word of God! We say what God says about the situation!. We pray the Word of God, by using our voice and allowing God to move and have His way in those situations. This will bring godly “Supernatural” results to overcome our “Natural” issues and problems.

     There are some, who may think, that God doesn’t care because He is allowing bad things to happen. The truth is, God does care and He wants us to pray and ask Him to get involved with our lives. God wants and desires all men to be blessed, saved and receive all His benefits. Therefore, we must make a decision and Pray … and watch HIM move on our behalf!  Prayer Is Power! Glory to God!

*By LaTonya R. Jackson

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