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Dentist reveals what to eat for a whiter smile and what to avoid

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest ways to refresh a smile, but eating the wrong foods can cause staining. A dentist has shared what to eat and what to avoid for a whiter smile.

Everyone knows drinking coffee will stain their teeth, but those in search of a gleaming set of pearly whites might not know to avoid prosecco too, reported.

Teeth whitening isn’t just a case of throwing on an at-home dental strip — making the right food choices day to day is also important.

Dentist Dr. Peta Leigh, who is also a Colgate Expert Complete ambassador, spoke about how to achieve the best teeth whitening results at home.

Explaining the foods to avoid, she said, “Compounds called chromogens give certain foods and drinks their strong color, and which can contribute to teeth staining.

“Foods and drinks containing a substance called tannin can also make your teeth much more susceptible to staining.

“High acidity foods can also contribute to enamel erosion, increasing the chances of stains setting in. This enamel erosion can also reveal the yellower dentine that lies beneath our whiter enamel.”

If you are not sure how to tell, there is an easy reference to work out whether a food or beverage is ok.

Leigh said, “In general, if something could stain your clothes or your tongue, the chances are it’s also going to stain your teeth.


“Some of the biggest smile saboteurs are black coffee, tea - especially green tea, turmeric, balsamic vinegar, red wine, prosecco and Aperol Spritz.”

However, it’s not all bad, and there are also things to incorporate into the diet that will boost teeth whitening.

Leigh advised, “Leafy greens that are rich in calcium, folic acid and lots of important vitamins and minerals that your teeth and gums love.

“Foods that are rich in minerals and important vitamins like Vitamin D are a key part of any teeth friendly diet.”

Outside of what to eat, Leigh had other tips to get the whitest smile.

She continued, “Always check the ingredient list. Just like high end skincare, not all whitening toothpastes contain the right combination of active ingredients that target both intrinsic and extrinsic staining.

“Hydrogen peroxide based products like Colgate Expert Complete are the safest and most effective way to whiten teeth and there is an enormous bank of dental research to support this — it pays to seek out a product that includes proven technologies rather than the latest faddy ingredients.

“If you do suffer from tooth sensitivity you may benefit from pre-treatment with a Demineralizing product prior to tooth whitening which is available from your dentist.”

For at home teeth whitening, she cautioned, “When whitening at home do not skip fluoride as this is key to keeping your teeth healthy.

“Some whitening products do not contain fluoride so always pair with your normal toothpaste, or opt for a combined toothpaste like Colgate Expert Complete that contains both.”

But interestingly, Leigh feels there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed in the search for a perfect smile - and blinding white teeth are not desirable.

She finished, “And remember there is such a thing as too white. Whitening teeth more than the sclera will make your eyes look dull — it’s all about achieving a balance.”

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