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A Woman's Sexual Secretions
If a woman reaches orgasm — without sex — and some fluid comes out, it is ruled as 'manī', and she becomes junub [and the secretion is najis]. In case of doubt, it is pure and ghusl is not necessary.

A Man's Doubted Secretion
As to men, if the discharge — whether during sleep or not — is associated with passion, spurt and bodily weakness), it is ruled as semen. But if it lacks at least one of these signs or one doubts, it is not ruled as semen unless one is certain that it is semen.

To Recite Chapters of Obligatory Prostration during Janābah
 It is prohibited for a junub person to recite the very verses of obligatory prostration, but it is no problem for him to recite the other verses of the same chapter.

To Worship with an Invalid Ghusl
A person who for some time was performing his ghusl in a manner which is void according to Islamic law, e.g. was not observing the proper order in performing his ghusl, he would be obliged to do qaḍā’ of all his prayers that he prayed without ghusl. But regarding fasts, if he thought that his ghusl was correct, his fasts are ruled to be correct.

Occuerrnce of a Wuḍū’ Invalidator during Ghusl 
Occuerrnce of a wuḍū’ invalidator during ghusl of janābah does not invalidate the ghusl and it is not obligatory to repeat the ghusl. However, it does not remove the necessity of doing wuḍū’ for prayers and other acts that require wuḍū’.
To Wash Hair during Ghusl
By obligatory caution, in ghusl, the whole hair should be washed.

To Make One Ghusl instead of Several Ones
If there are several mustaḥabb or obligatory ghusls to be performed and one performs one ghusl with the intention of performing all of them, it is sufficient. However, if one of them is ghusl of janābah and the intention is made to perform it, it suffices for all other ghusls, although caution is to make the intention for all of them. 

A Junub's Prayer and Fast
It is obligatory for a person who was in the state of janābah for some time — as he did not know that making ghusl is obligatory, to do qaḍā’ of the prayers offered in the state of janābah. Also it is obligatory to redo the fasts if he knew that he was junub but did not know that ghusl is obligatory for him before fasting.

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